Hotspots in Lisboa – where to eat, stay and have a cocktail

H10 Duque de Loulé i Lissabon.

The Portugese kitchen has many influences from the Mediterranean, and the country also has Europe’s highest fish consumption per inhabitant. But Lisbon’s restaurants have a lot more to offer. Here is a wide range of exciting places with influences from around the world.

Great restaurants in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the few cities where I have had dinner twice in the same evening.

A Cevicheria

A Cevicheria is a quite popular small place with a relaxed atmosphere. Don’t be surprised by the big octopus hanging in the ceiling. The kitchen serves Peruvian dishes with finesse, lots of lime and coriander. Try the ceviche (of course) and their amazing surf and turf sandwich (the reason why I ate here after I already had dinner once). Oh, and start your dinner with a refreshing Pisco sour cocktail.

Mini Bar Teatro

Popular restaurant owned by Portuguese chef Jozé Avillez, who also runs the two Michelin-starred restaurant Belcanto. Mini Bar Teatro is great to visit with a bunch of friends before a night out. Order the affordable tasting menu and enjoy the creativity!

The Decadente

Inside The Independente Hotel you will find The Decadente, a casual restaurant and bar with a nice vibe. Have lunch in the inner courtyard and enjoy great food to a great price.

Bars in Lisbon

Pavilhão Chinês

Crazy decorated bar with several different rooms where glass ornaments cover walls from floor to ceiling. This place do not serve food, only a whole lot of drinks.

Hotels in Lisboa

Make your stay in Lisbon both fine and price worthy. A hotel I would love to return to is the beautiful H10 Duque de Loulé with its top location, cosy rooms and gorgeous interior.

Five starred Porto Bay Liberdade is also a great hotel I’ve stayed at. It’s very well located and has great amenities like a spa, a pool and a really nice bar.

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