Restauranger för en rolig middag i New York

The Lucky Bee, New York.

I New York är utmaningen inte att undvika turistfällor (även om de såklart finns). Utmaningen är snarare att välja bland alla de spännande restaurangkoncept som staden erbjuder. Har du dessutom kanske bara några få dygn här vill du såklart maxa din matupplevelse. Här är några säkra kort som definitivt har gjort mina middagar i New York lite roligare.

New York is absolutely brimming with interesting restaurants – in all price ranges. If you only have a few days in the city, make sure to maximize your eating experience. Here are some safe bets that definitely make my dinners in New York a little more enjoyable.

Mission Chinese Food

171 East Broadway, New York
Bring your friends to Mission Chinese Food for a fun night. Paper dragons, red velvet, birthday celebrations, exciting cocktails and amazingly good food. Book in advance – this place gets really crowded during the evenings.

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

207 2nd Ave 13th Street, New York
I have a nerdy obsession with chef David Chang, so for me this place is a big hit. Momofoku Ssäm Bar is hip, fun and attracts a younger crowd. The menu with Korean and Japanese dishes offers a lot of spices and pork (read: maybe not that vegetarian friendly). You have to try the fluffy pork buns. Walk-ins encouraged!

The Lucky Bee

252 Broome Street, New York
Spicy, Southeast Asian street food with a farm-to-table approach. There are many great dishes to choose from on the menu, and I recommend sharing a bunch of small plates with your company. The cocktail list features drinks made with honey and the fact that a dollar of each drink sold goes to the New York City Beekeepers Association makes you love this place even a little bit more.

La Esquina Brasserie

114 Kenmare Street, New York
A hidden gem that you probably don’t know exist unless someone tells you about it. Going into La Esquina Brasserie is like stepping into a dungeonlike hideaway. You’ll be directed through the kitchen and pop out in front of a dim bar, dining area and lounge space. Order a margarita con fruta when you arrive to get in the right mood before you enjoy the authentic Mexican food. Eat lots of tostadas and taquitos, and have an awesome night.

Just a simple counter-service taqueria and cafe on the outside.

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