Stockholm: Three great places for casual dining

The city I know the best when it comes to food is, not surprisingly, my hometown Stockholm. New restaurants seem to pop up everywhere, not at least in Vasastan. For casual dining any day of the week I have three major favourites.

Lilla Ego
Västmannagatan 49, Stockholm

Lilla Ego is a neighborhood restaurant with two award winning owners who like to keep luxurious food simple. Swedish cuisine should always taste like this. The restaurant is always crowdy (because it’s so damn popular), but you won’t mind because the food is so fantastic. The chefs and waitors feel like your new best friends and you never want your meal to end. You have to book a table months in advance, but when you’re finally here – the wait will be worth it.

Tulegatan 7, Stockholm

If you’re into Southeast Asian cuisine you have to visit Farang. A spacious restaurant but with a good, comfy vibe. The food is fresh, spicy, intense and well-cooked. Like soul food with an elegant touch. A great restuarant when you want to gather all your friends for a superb evening. And don’t forget to take a look at the cocktail menu, the drinks are delicious.

Tulegatan 24, Stockholm

If you’re a fan of meat, but not of the meat industry, Svartengrens is the place for you. The menu will tell you where the little piggie on your plate grew up and the restaurant source its vegetables the same way. The waitors are terrific and make the eating experience even better. A great selection of wines, and don’t miss the award winning cocktail bar!

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