Berlin: Why I love to eat at Transit

Transit is a Thai and Indonesian restaurant, and probably the most priceworthy of its kind that I’ve visited.

Fresh, homemade and exciting dishes tapas style (you get a small bowl for 3 euro, three or four bowls per person is enough).

How about duck in pyjamas (duck with plum sauce rolled in pancakes), almost nude (summer roll with shrimp, pork, fresh herbs and salad wrapped in a thin rice paper), gado gado (steamed vegetables with fried tofu, egg and peanut sauce) or bali baby (grilled and minced pork wrapped in fresh la-lot-leaves and herbs in lime sauce)? Just by the names you can tell this will be a great trip through the Thai and Indonesian kitchen.

Simple dishes with complex flavors. The wines are good, the drinks are good, the atmosphere is good.

I am considering going back to Berlin, just to eat here again.

Where: Rosenthaler Straße 68, Berlin, Germany
Find online:
Visited: December 2014

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