Budapest: Onyx welcomes you to food heaven

In Hungary, many things can go wrong  when it comes to food. But at Onyx, you forget all about bland meat stews and stodgy, greasy dishes.

One man is in charge of the bread, a second man is our sommelier, a third man tells us everything about our menu of choice, a fourth man is taking care of all desserts. Also, there is a woman taking care of all the things in between. You get it. At Onyx you are well taken care of. They will even offer you a stool for your purse.

Love lies in the details of every dish. The kitchen staff, who have worked together for many years, use the finest regional ingredients and show no fear of new technologies.

Onyx is a warm and luxurious – yet priceworthy – restaurant not to miss when you are in Budapest. The perfect place to try renewed and updated versions of traditional Hungarian cuisine at its best.

Where: Vorosmarty Square 7-8, Budapest, Hungary
Find online:
Visited: December 2013

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